The history of the hostel

- In autumn 1985, Rättvik work with the hostel as an AMU project when unemployment was high among the local timmermänn.
The work started with selected pine trees were carved of the highest quality.

In the winter of 1985 and spring of 1986 timrades frames to the hostel Rättvik according to ancient tradition

Notching conducted by Hans Ollas, Kjell Lindh and Folke Bergfeldt. Pictured His Ollas.

Kjell Lindh the assembly of the frame. The timber is held in place partly by knots and partly by "dowel pins".

In the foreground is "torpargrunden" to the two-storey house. In the background is ongoing roofing on one wing of the building.

for roof work fine tuned "torpargrunden".

In 1986 excavated exterior water and sewage. In the background is the three timmerstommarna.

Interior work began in the fall of 1986. Mats Sundin selects wood for interior walls.

Spring 1987 was completed interior work. Arne Steger and Hans Blom paints beds and moldings.

In June 1987 was the hostel in use. The inauguration took place on Saturday the 13th of June.