To do in Rättvik

Concerts, bands, etc.


Bowling, food, performances, disco and nightclub


Fitness, health, training schedules, physical therapy, rehab


Downhill skiing, snow park, summer luge, painball


Leksandssommarland is located only 15km away, a very fun place for the whole family.


One of Sweden's largest car shows. Always V.31 for the whole family!


Day by day


Canoe adventure, snowshoe races, walks, team building, sauna raft
Attractions (Styggforsen, Vidablick, Spring Source, Siljansleden, Gammelgården, Pea ridge pastures, etc.) Events (Bingsjöstämman, Rättvik Market, Music by Siljan, etc.)


Hiking Festival in September 2015
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